5 Inspiring Ways a Millennial Can Multitask

Millennials always get a bad reputation because they look lazy or entitled. While in reality, they are passionate and excellent at their work. They understand the situation better and know how to tackle a problem efficiently. But what most of them are extremely good at is multitasking. To do two to three things at once is a talent itself.

Simultaneously working and relaxing seems impossible, but you can always count on the hard-working Millennial to make it happen. Thanks to the picture in picture Android feature, Millennials can now multitask by watching a video on their phone while sending an important text. 

Despite the backlash Millennials receive, they never fail to prove them wrong. If you need the inspiration to work twice as hard, check out the six ways a Millennial can multitask!

1. Binge-watching a series while writing an email

There is nothing a Millennial loves more than a hard-gripping TV show. With the accessibility of online streaming apps, watching a good film or series can be done with just a click. While it does not increase productivity, it keeps the mind active.

It’s always a choice between a new movie or an old TV series watched more than twice. The latter always wins. It serves as an ambience setter or a background noise. This familiarity with the material gives a person strange comfort while doing something more substantial, like writing a work email. 

Though writing an email is not difficult, hearing or watching something lessens the anxiety. But you have to admit, it can be distracting sometimes, especially when your favourite part is coming up!

2. Listening to music while studying

Studying can be such a bore, and seeing the same notes and books all day can be tiring. Not to mention how difficult it is to retain information when under extreme stress and anxiety about finishing homework on time. It is always best to play music to liven up the mood.

Of course, the music you choose depends on your mood. Some like classical music while studying because it helps Millennials remember better. Meanwhile, some students prefer selecting their favourite songs from their numerous playlists.

Though most agree that music helps with memorization, others say they lose focus. Of course, you can always choose which song to play, and it’s one of the things a Millennial does best, after all.

3. Taking a call while sending a text

Contrary to most people’s beliefs, you can also multitask using just one gadget. It may seem odd to some, but it’s what Millennials have been doing for more than a decade. Though laptop and computer screens cannot be divided into two, you can always minimize or maximize the apps to fit more than one program.

But even before smartphones allowed the picture-in-picture feature, you can always do both on modern messaging apps. Some let users answer non-video calls while sending a message outside the app. It is a handy feature for busy career people who need to talk to two people simultaneously. Make sure you don’t mix up your responses! 

4. Cooking a meal while cleaning

When it comes to multitasking, mothers do it best. No one else can feed a baby and organize bottles simultaneously! More than anything else, Millennials look up to their moms for guidance and inspiration. They are the generation who witnessed their parents straining their backs to give them a good life.

These Millennials learned their multitasking ways, too, especially when doing chores. They learned how to make a meal while cleaning at the same time! While the soup is simmering, they mop the floor. Some even take it to the next level by baking bread and organizing the spice cupboard at once. Though it seems chaotic doing these things, it is undoubtedly one of the most productive ways to save time!

5. Washing the dishes while on a video call

In just a few years, messaging apps have taken over smartphones. You always use three: one for work, one for family and friends, and one for your significant other. But when you thought you were already busy enough, one of them may even call randomly. Even though it’s not an unwelcome call, you would like to get one through before doing another.

It is why some Millennials mastered washing the dishes while on a video call. Of course, you shouldn’t do this if the call is from work. However, this is a common occurrence with family and friends. You might get a call from your aunt, who’s taking a holiday break overseas, and she wants to share her trip with you even if you are busy with the dishes. It could be a friend who needs a listener and would like to talk only to you. Whatever the call is, you can always take it, even if you have many chores.


Though not everyone can multitask, it is still something other people find doable. These people like to be present in all things, even when things get extra busy. Meanwhile, others multitask because it is the only way to calm their extremely active brain. Multitasking is not for everyone, and not every Millennial can do it. But it is how these people cope with the fast-paced society.

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