Best PPSSPP Games for Andriod

PlayStation came and revolutionized the entire gaming industry. Various games that are released into the PSP have instantly become popular amongst gamers around the world.

Not everyone can afford a PlayStation, which would translate to interest in the game would immediately disappear.

But with advanced technology, a lot of android emulators get launched every day that help gamer fanatics enjoy PSP games on their android devices.

A lot of exciting games are each day released on PSP, but It depends on your taste to enjoy and experience fun in a game.

The following are some of the best PSP games for android emulators you can experience.

List of Best PPSSPP Games

1. God of War

best ppsspp games
God of War

Ghost of Sparta One of The most popular games in PSP and players enjoy playing It in their android emulator. God of Wars comes in series and various versions where the game Ghost of Sparta is played most. It involves mythological twists as well as war strategies in This adventure game. God of war is a fourth-generation series and is full of combo-based combat as well as missions. It comes with a lot of weapons that are offered to The player with the blades of Athena as The best weapon. For you to enjoy This game, you must have a high graphics play The game.


Download: Get this unique game here Size:1.1 GB

2. Grand Theft Auto

best ppsspp game for andriod
Grand Theft Auto

Liberty City Stories A very famous game for most android gamers. It is mainly played in PSP but is also can be played on Personal computers as well as Android users using emulating technologies. This special game comes with many versions, just like The God of War. Grand Theft Liberty Auto is an android version that comes with extraordinary functions. Its tasks are very challenging, as well as its missions. A gamer can customize a player by changing his or her clothes as well as cars. Players or gamers are allowed to pick any kind of Vehicle on The roads as well as any helicopter

Download: Get the game by clicking here Size:555 MB

3. Assassin Creed

best ppsspp game for android
Assassin Creed

Bloodlines One of The best and popular games in The world of gaming and assassin creed is The most played version of all its variants. This game, you can use The signature movement as combat strategies. This kind of game also requires you have a device with very high graphics for you to enjoy It maximally. It comes with features that allow a player to climb mountains as well as run over an adventurous journey. It contains thousands of mysteries unlocked, bypassing each stage.

Download: You can download the game from here Size:540 MB

4. Pro Evolution Soccer

Best ppsspp game 2020
Pro Evolution Soccer

For soccer lovers, This is the game for you. It is a popular PSP game compatible with most android devices. It comes along with an unlimited number of leagues. It has a lot of levels. It requires your screen to be a 4K graphic supporting technology as well as touch realism aspects. Pro Evolution soccer has vital events such as in-depth transfer, I preseason as well as new leagues. The game has very high graphics. The set comes with a good number of licensed leagues.

Download: You can download the game here Size: 1 GB

5. God of war II

Best ppsspp game
God of war II

Chains of Olympus God of war chains of Olympus brings famous characters like Spartan worrier Kratos into The scene. It’s one of The bestselling in The series of God of War. It has features like large scale combat with legendary blades of chaos. As you advance in The game, It is possible to unlock more strategies and new combat techniques. The game also has a lot of challenging puzzles for you to also comes with very high graphics as well as Dark world music. This selected game requires a screen with very high graphic specifications.

Download: Get This real game here Size: 1.2 GB

6. Grand Theft Auto 2

Best ppsspp games
Grand Theft Auto 2

Vice City Stories It is another version of grand theft auto, which you can sample and experience a real fan of GTA. It is probably The most played GTA in the PSP. This game, you can adopt The life of a gang or take different provides aspects such that you can roam in The free world like and do whatever you please while still roaming. You can get into fights and altercations with new people in The city. You must not attend all missions; they are not mandatory. You have to accept or reject a task.

Download: This real game here Size: 555MB

7. Need for Speed

Best ppsspp game
Need for Speed

Need for speed is a name any gamer, whether a newbie or experienced have come across. It involves a host of racing cars in The fields. You can enjoy This hand-picked game without any gaming equipment. Also, This real game doesn’t require high graphics for you to enjoy The experience. You can participate in a multiple competition or a tournament. It’s also possible to customize your car by adding things such as spikes. It offers a milliard of vehicles for players to choose from. It provides very amazing soundtracks as background music. It also has a thousand challenges for players to conquer.

Download: Get It here Size:932 MB

8. Dragon Ball Z

Best ppsspp game 2020
Dragon Ball Z

Shin Budokai It’s a game based on dragon ball Z animation and comes with amazing gaming adaptations. It involves fights and is developed for PSP users. It comes in series as well. You are placed in a battle with automatically controlled warriors, and you are supposed to show your skills by winning these battles. There are Unique villains in the game who will appear, and they will fight you. You have no limitations when It comes to using The abilities provided by the game. To enjoy and experience The full benefits of This game, It requires high graphics as well as excellent visual effects for your device.

Download: Get Thisselected game here Size: N/A

9. Tekken 6

Ppsspp games
Tekken 6

This is another fighting game to enjoy. Tekken 6 is one of The popular games in PSP games, mainly if you are a fighter game lover. It involves fighting arcades as well as combats games where your fighting skills are seriously engaged and tried. It has series and features, some of which are kind of an old school. You can choose fighters from amongst a pool of opponents. You can change your soundtrack as well as voice scheming any player.

Download: you can download Terek 6 here Size:1.33 GB

10. W W E Smackdown vs. Raw 2011

Best ppsspp games
W W E Smackdown vs. Raw 2011

For the kids, in the 90s, WWE is a name they know too well, and currently, you can enjoy and experience The most fantastic gaming quality inform of WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 in your list of PSP games for android users. The game comes with favorite and popular WWE characters like John cene, undertaker, Batista as well as randy. It has special games like hell in a cage. In some combats, a player is allowed to use tables hammers or any other piece of equipment’s on your opponents. It comes with very amazing soundtracks and has very nice visual effects.

Download: Get WWE Smackdown here Size:1.3 GB

11. Naruto Shippuden

Best ppsspp game for Android
Naruto Shippuden

Ultimate Ninja Impact A popular game developed from a popular animation series known as Naruto. The game is gaining more popularity with almost the PSP gamers, just like any other animation series. For you to experience The fun in Naruto Shippuden – unlimited impact, you must have ninja techniques of many characters. The game has some of The most legendary sound effects, as well as extraordinary visual effects cupped with 3D graphics. You can be able to track your progress and as well as investigate your development. It has a lot of challenges for you to exhibit your fighting skills.

Download:  Naruto Shippuden –Ultimate impact here Size: 205 MB

12. Kill zone

Best ppsspp game
Kill zone

Liberation One of The most played games in PSP is The kill zone played in most android devices. It offers players thousands of twists and mysteries. Your opponents can control most of your men as well as capture them, and you supposed to fight back to win them back or rescue is well designed with a top-down isometric view that excites players. You can upgrade to a new level using Templar’s technique and ability. You can collect money use to unlock new weapons. No weapon is limited from heavy machines to tanks and to hovercraft. The game has various modes, from multiplayer to a single-mode.

Download: kill zone is available for download from here Size: N/A

13. Iron Man 2

Best psp
Iron Man 2

Well, nothing is as hard as finding a young boy who is not a fan of Ironman is an extremely hard challenge. This kind of game has been developed and released by Sony for the PSP. You can play multiple players by assuming their identity and get different views from each. The game follows The same storyline as The one written by Matt Fraction. Samuel L Jackson and Don Cheadle voice the game. You have a host of weapons to use to enhance your fighting experience. You can unlock different levels of the game to enjoy The experience.

Download: you can download Iron man two here Size:455 MB

14. The 3rd birthday

Best ps games
The 3rd birthday

This is a type of game with a suspension story. The game has a lot of different elements. It involves 3rd person shooting game with an RPG element. Are there are master plan based combats and huge upgrade path for weapon system and skills. When playing on Android devices, PSP emulators provide an interactive controlling system as well as support gamepads. This game, you will fight as Aya with a twisted one. The third birthday offers an extensive range of weapons and character skills that are as well upgradable. You will also play in Manhattan and protect human civilization from twisted being.

Download: The 3rd birthday game download is available here: Size: N/A

15. Metal Gear Solid

Best ppsspp free game
Metal Gear Solid

Peace Walker, This game provides visual with –very high quality and experience of gameplay. The story of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is equipped with a lot of action and shooting problems. It provides substantial scale shooting action with a combination of RPG elements. The game world is usually full of content as well as rich in the game environment. This typical game offers a lot of weapons, tools, Vehicles, along with an adjusted leveling up and upgrade path. It also provides a very new encounter on the PSP platform along with a new gaming encounter and a combination of RPG elements and RTS action.

Download: This unique game can be easily downloaded here: Size: 817 MB

16. Spider-Man 3

Best ppsspp games
Spiderman 3

You have to play as Spiderman and win a victory over different bosses with attracting fight combos. The game provides The best graphics and complicated in-game reserved environments. You will be able to suit specific power as well as perform different special abilities. Spiderman 3 offers animations and cinematic visuals. You will encounter more than ten different rival bosses in battles. You will be able to fight with familiar enemies like venom, sandman, among others. Spiderman 3 provides an action packing mission and engaging problem.

Download: Spiderman can be downloaded from This website: Size: 490 MB

17. Daxter

Best ppsspp 2020

Don’t leave without checking The Daxter game. It is a game that you can play through a supported emulator and very addictive for you to load It to your device. You have to process The original PSP game ROM. Daxter provides a lot of challenging missions that will always keep yearning to come back to the game world. You will still get a new match encounter as well as a rich storyline. The game comes with a graphic of high quality and jaw-dropping, well-calculated, in-game typical environments. You can find This type of a game in The play station console. To find out The location of jack, You have to fight your way through obstacles.

Download: You can download Daxter from this website: Size: 1.29 GB

18. Crisis core-Final Fantasy VII Crisis cors

Ppsspp andriod
Crisis core-Final Fantasy VII Crisis cors

Final Fantasy VII is a real-time arguably combat kind of a game, especially for fantasy lovers. The game generally concentrates on Zack’s fair life. In this, Zack is a member of the parliament of solders. Here Zack is allocated to look for a missing object that is very crucial for The parliament. By use of Zack, you can take part in The interaction with most of The non-player characters. For you to make your game enjoyable, The new digital. mind .web is available. You can play with Tseng, Angeal, Genesis, and The cloud beside Zack.

Download: Crisis core -Final fantasy VII can be downloaded here: Size: N/A

19. Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep

Best ppsspp games
Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep

This game mainly focuses on The journey of Tera, Ventus, and Aqua, where The three fighters are on their way to look for The missing master Xehanort. They will have to face a lot of challenges to handle. The ability of The player enhances you to customize The command disk. You can utilize an inexhaustible number of magic casting and magic spells. You can as well use commands like surge, storm, among others. YOU can take part in interaction with several people and phenomena. Always show a command board where you can get The player who has is done with a mission.

Download: Feel free to download Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep from This website: Size: 1445 MB

20. Spiderman 2

Best ps games
Spiderman 2

This is an isonomic game with a marvel license whose story is based on action-adventure spider man 2. It involves several levels and missions to unlock. This game, all The villains will appear to turn against you. You are therefore required to use all Unique abilities of Spiderman and utilize them against The strength of The rivals. You can also enjoy all The skills of The Spiderman and assist individuals by saving from monsters. It involves mood adjusting sound and special visual effects.

Download: Spiderman 2 can be downloaded here: Size: 490 MB

The best way to play games on android is by use of an emulator. The emulator has several customization tweaks to advance The performance of the game. The emulators have added a popular and different type of PSP games. It has also Lunched a lot of games for play station users. Yours is to choose and read out The distinctive features to find one or several games that fit your taste well. There are a host of games in The tune of thousands a gamer can select and enjoy playing using PSP.

But to experience real fun, you have to make sure you choose games that excite you. For you to enjoy The experience, these games require great graphics pieces of equipment as well as high-resolution machines. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy these games. If racing is your taste, then The need for speed is best for you. If you like animation, you can try Dragon Ball Z as well as Naruto Shippuden. You should try GTA or God of war if you want to give a try on The legendary game. This guideline, I hope you will find The PSP game that is a favorite for your device.

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