A Career as a YouTuber: The Pros and Cons 2023

Back in the day, YouTubers weren’t taken seriously as they were thought to be kids recording videos in their bedrooms. However, times have changed now. In this digital era, most people aspire to be YouTubers due to the success stories they have heard and seen.

Although an organic growth tool can give a quick boost to your channel, you should keep in mind that it still takes some time to grow YouTube channel. You should also set up your room where you will be filming your videos. Luckily, you don’t need to spend a fortune on power supplies or DIY stuff since you can find various discounts in shops like Aldi and give a more professional look to your home studio.

If you dream of pursuing YouTube as your career, you should be aware of the pros and cons we’ll be sharing in this article.

The Pros

1.    You’re Your Own Boss

Most individuals hate being told what to and what not to do. At times, bosses can give you a tough time. What’s great about choosing YouTube as your career is that you get to be your own boss without having to deal with all the office-related nuisances.

You get to decide your posting schedule, content strategy, who you will be collaborating with, who you will be promoting, and what will be the style/tone of your videos. You aren’t answerable to anyone, but you, which is quite relieving.

2.    You Can Follow Your Passion

Desk jobs aren’t for everyone. Instead of working a 9 to 5 job, you might want to work as an independent video producer, self-taught makeup artist, travel vlogger, at-home chef or baker, artist, or comedian.  

You can follow whatever passion you hold and turn your dream job into reality by creating videos on YouTube. You can either share your journey or experiences with your audience, entertain them, or help them learn some skills from you while you make money out of it.

3.    You Can Just Get Started

Pursuing YouTube as your career doesn’t require any degree/certification, previous experience, or any investment until or unless you want to buy a better-quality mic or camera.

Whatever skills you have to inspire your audience, you will be able to achieve that by creating your account and uploading your videos through a professional camera or your mobile phone camera.

YouTube’s audience is always looking for authentic, entertaining or informative, or high-quality content, so you just need to utilize your skills.  

The Cons

1.    You Need to Be Patient and Consistent

YouTube is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You need to be quite patient, which isn’t easy for everyone. You may want to give up a hundred times, but you will still need to believe in yourself and remain consistent by publishing videos regularly and attracting a greater audience.

Even if you start getting paid through ads, due to a lower subscriber count and viewership in the beginning, you may only earn a few bucks. As your channel grows, so will your income.

2.    It Takes a Thick Skin

You may across plenty of bullies online who are simply haters for not being you. They will post hurtful comments and criticize whatever you do, which may demotivate you to the extent that you think of quitting YouTube.

There will always be haters who will judge and criticize you, and that shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love. Even the most popular celebs get hate, and that doesn’t stop them.


Pursuing a career as a YouTuber can fulfill your dreams, allow you to work at your own hours, and get started without any prior experience, degree, or huge investment. All this also comes with its own challenges, but whatever path you take will have its challenges. So, why not choose the one you’re passionate about and fight all the challenges and live your dream life?

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