Classic Games for the Discerning Australian Player

We may have the latest ultra-modern gaming tech in the palm of our hands, but mobile apps regularly delve into themes and ideas that have been around for ages, rejuvenating classic game ideas that have been around long before smartphones even existed.

Nevertheless, the beauty of mobile gaming is that it’s far more convenient, plus we’re able to carry around our devices wherever we want, and the same can’t be said for desktop PCs or consoles. What’s more, we now have literally millions of games to choose from, readily available for iPhone or Android operating system platforms.

But while there are certainly lots of novel and intriguing modern ideas, large numbers of Australian gamers often find classic games to be the most fun, based around simple gameplay that’s fun and captivating at the same time. Indeed, many of these games can trace their history much further back than we might imagine. 

Match Three

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Prior to the digital age there were card games like Solitaire, where the aim is essentially to match cascading rows of cards and make them disappear. When video games began to emerge, visual presentation was basic and simple, which made similar matching games easy to make. Tetris was actually one of the first in 1985, going on to inspire a whole genre.

Every day, millions of people around the world play Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled, either via their desktop internet or mobile phones, and both have been around for well over a decade. In fact, both match three styled games continue to regularly top the Australian mobile gaming charts, particularly within the modern genre of casual gaming.


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Did you know that Italian board game Biribi was the inspiration behind roulette? This was a game of chance that appeared in the 1700s, using a board with the numbers 1 to 70, and a bag or box with numbered tickets. Players would place their stakes on the board, winning if the corresponding number was drawn. The addition of a wheel came later that century.

The roulette name itself was French in origin and like many popular European games, it travelled with settlers to new colonies, including Australia, where the game continues to be enjoyed. Aside from playing at physical casino venues, mobile gamers have increasingly turned to playing roulette online, largely due to the greater variety and choice of options available.



Arguably the undisputed king of board games, the idea behind Monopoly was actually created more than 120 years ago. The original concept by Lizzie Magie was called The Landlord’s Game, which she designed in 1903 and patented the following year. Charles Darrow created a variant which he named Monopoly in 1932, then Parker Brothers bought the rights and began marketing it in 1935.

Nowadays there’s every kind of Monopoly we could possibly imagine, including versions based on Australian cities like Melbourne or Sydney and others. The original board game concept has also transferred well to digital platforms, including versions for mobiles that include multiplayer video chat, accompanied by vibrant colourful animations and visuals. Obviously, the great advantage is you don’t need a table and can play from literally anywhere.

Timeless Fun

All three of the games highlighted feature uniquely different origins but prove that even though original concepts might date back decades or even hundreds of years, there’s no reason why they can’t discover a new lease of life on mobile devices. Simply put, great ideas will always remain popular, giving classic gamers hours of entertainment and fun.

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