Why Dress-Up Play is Important for Your Child’s Brain

Dress-up play can spur an entirely unique imaginative process for your children- online games for girls can help.

I for one, love watching my kids play make-believe. Whether it’s with dolls, or blocks, action figures, or dress up- there’s just something really incredible about what their minds can come up with. The not so great part of all of this is how much this type of play can end up costing, not just in dollars and cents, but in time.

Of course, it’s possible to create a dress-up crate on a budget- but it takes time. The time my schedule doesn’t necessarily have. This means if I spend all my extra time creating the bits they need; I have no time left to actually play with them. It’s also a nightmare to clean up- but that’s a whole other can of worms.

Online games for girls help take all the hassle out of make-believe. Sites like Prinxy Offer literally hundreds of games, so the play is near limitless. Each game is different, so your children have a bigger selection than they could ever dream of at home, they’re free, and there’s zero mess. But these games aren’t just great for parents and getting in a little bit of co-play time, but they’re actually incredible for your kids as well.

What is Dress Up Play

Dress-up play is so much more than chucking on old Halloween costumes or creating an elaborate world with your favorite superhero toys. It’s an immersive, role play experience that isn’t just fun- but teaches your child a number of things about how to interact with the world around them, while at the same time, developing fundamental skills they will need later on in life.

Particularly when it comes to dressing up play online- using online games. For girls, and boys alike, these games allow them to not only use all the parts of their imagination that traditional dress-up play does, but it also helps them improve their computer literacy and to better understand technology. Which is something we all need as adults.

Dress up play, and the mental benefits that come from it- all spring from a foundation of role play. Role-playing offers children the ability to emulate their peers, idols, and adults that they see every day. This helps them explore societal rules on their own terms, helping them to learn how to interact with others.

Why Online Games for Girls are Important

These games offer nearly all the same cognitive bonuses that real-life dress up does, but fit our current situation a bit better. They offer a space for your child to explore their imaginations while keeping them safe from violence and online chat services. They also give your child an alternative to other types of play that just can’t be shared due to new rules following the outbreak of the pandemic.

the importance of dress up dramatic play in early childhood

Which has moved so much of your child’s base learning process online, it would be unnecessary for your child to only engage with educational applications- which only focus on convergent, or “inside the box” thinking. Children need divergent (outside the box) cognition play where the only limits to their creative process are their own. With dress up games, in particular, there aren’t really any rules- which allows your child to explore their own personal style.

Online games can also help your child explore confidence in leadership roles, as they explore their virtual world and happily explain to you everything in it. This gives parents the ability to get excited about what their children are showing them, without having to concern themselves with cost or mess. Games have also been shown to promote family bonding, specifically when parents play along- even if you’re not into video games.

As an added bonus, most online dress up games also come with their own unique storyline and character conversations, so your child will need to read the on-screen commands and react accordingly, boosting reading comprehension skills, while simultaneously learning how to navigate computer systems. Particularly within a non-violent and colorful environment.

These types of games also teach your children how to employ empathy, as they are often tasked with helping out other characters. Giving them an outlet for social interaction without the possibilities of online bullying or predation. Sites like Prinxy focus on the game itself, instead of allowing users to chat online with other players. This means that each conversation your child is involved in will be pre-programmed, so you never have to worry about what they may be exposed to.

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