Exploring the world of eSports: The top four games

Exploring the world of eSports The top four games 1

Esports has grown into a phenomenon, and it’s evolving into a space that could compete against traditional sports. It’s huge – and the market is currently worth 1.8 billion dollars as of this year, but is expected to grow over 25% by 2030.

This is all thanks to modern technology, making it easy for people to compete against others from across the globe. Now, all you need to do is tune in from your PC, Xbox, or Playstation, choose your favorite game, and get yourself high in the rankings.

Players in today’s world have gone on to earn millions of dollars, so if there were ever a time to take up a sport and you fancy esports, this could be it.

There are combat games, strategy games, and a plethora of options for newbies to try out. Luckily, we’re gaming pros and have tried them all, so you don’t have to. Here are the four games we recommend and quick rundowns of what makes them so great.

P.S. if you’re more of a bettor, then these games are also the ones with the best championship wins – meaning more money, bigger bets, and easy ways to have fun. Don’t underestimate the enjoyment this offers; lots of people are trying it and having a great time.


You may have heard CS2 or CS:GO being talked about in the gaming community, and we aren’t surprised if so. Counter-Strike is one of the leaders in esports: it’s able to compete against the best and has done for years – it was created back in 2000.

The game itself is a tactical first-person shooter where you choose whether you are a terrorist or anti-terrorist, and fight against other players. There is plenty of strategy needed to communicate with your teammates, and the weapons you choose are crucial to your success. 

CS2 is currently one of the very biggest games when it comes to esports tournaments and gambling, with thousands of gamblers placing bets on the players they think are most likely to take home the prize.

There are some huge pools on offer for the bettors, and this fact is constantly attracting more and more people – which only increases the wins you can make.

To bet on your favorite team, you can go to Thunderpick at https://thunderpick.io/en/esports, which is one of the biggest esports betting sites to choose from. They are a reputable company, they offer brilliant odds, and there are even deals when you first sign up. 

To top it off, they hold their very own championships, so if you’re looking for a first-time dabble in esports betting, they’re the people to turn to.

2. Fortnite

This is one of the newer esports games on the market, and boy, can’t you tell! Fortnite’s visuals are among the best, the maps are ultra HD, and the technology in the game is top-tier.

To play, you can either join in as a single player or join a fellow team that is spawning onto the battle island. You choose your “skin,” which is the avatar that you will play, pick up weapons in the actual battle, and fight against the opposing team to win the battle royale.

Every year there is a Fortnite World Cup, where you can enter as a single player, and play against some of the world’s best streamers, who are at the top of their game.

Last year alone, the winner, Bugha (whose real name is Kyle Giersdorf) walked away with a $3 million prize fund for coming first – talk about a big win! Now you can only imagine what the realm of esports betting looks like if the players can win that big… 

3. DOTA 2

Though it may be third in our list, it’s still one of the best esports games of our time. Currently number one in the world for being the biggest win in terms of tournaments, millions adore the game.

It’s a simple five vs five multiplayer real-time strategy game where you can choose your “hero” avatar and defeat the opposing team. Professional Dota 2 holds the largest esports tournament in the world, called The International, where wins as of late have hit the $40 million mark in its prize pool.

The International in 2021 was the biggest in the world, with 2019, 2018, and 2017 following closely behind. Also called Defence of the Ancients, this game’s ten-year history makes its players some of the happiest in esports.

4. League of Legends

LoL is also an esports superstar, and it has been around for 14 years. The multiplayer battle arena game consists of 140 champions to choose from, which you can use to defeat the opposing team.

You and your team of five must compete against the other team to defend your Nexus (which is known as your world). A very similar concept to DOTA 2, yet you’re playing with one of the champions – and each has their own quirks and abilities.

The LoL World Championships are huge in esports, too, with prize pools exceeding $6.5 million for the 4 winning teams and the others seeing a small percentage of this as well – it’s a game we recommend, as it’s easy to play, and the odds are great.

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