GGBET – Top Online Platform for Betting Enthusiasts

The modern online betting market offers a large number of platforms that are unique in their own way. However, some clear leaders are known for their customer focus, attractive bonuses, and wide selection of sports and esports markets.

And GGBET is definitely one of them. Although this platform offers a wide range of casino games, it still specializes in sports betting, which is clearly stated on its website. Therefore, if you want to try your luck and predict the outcome of the next match of your favorite team, then GGBET is the perfect choice for you. In this article, you can get info about the most popular sports and esports markets that you should definitely pay attention to after registering on GGBET.

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Sports Betting at GGBET 

The site offers 20+ sports markets with thousands of top domestic and international events. GGBET is highly appreciated among sports betting enthusiasts worldwide thanks to pre-match and live betting options. Thanks to a convenient event grid and minimalistic design, you can easily switch between different events and quickly react to changes and updates. Below, you can check the 3 most popular regular sports on the site.


This sport is characterized by one and the most extensive list of available events. So, on average, GGBET offers 100+ games available for pre-match and live betting. While wagering, you can use a wide selection of standard and special bets, including the following:

  • Total;
  • Draw No Bet;
  • Handicap;
  • Double Chance;
  • Next Goal;
  • Corners 1×2, and more.

Here you can find matches within La Liga, Premier League, MLS, Serie A, Bundesliga and more. 


GGBET is definitely a perfect find for all tennis enthusiasts. Here, you can find matches within popular leagues like WTA, ATP, ITF (Men and Women), and more. Also, there is a dedicated section for exhibition matches. The number of events may vary, but never less than 120+. Depending on your skills and experience, you can select between standard and prop bets, including the following:

  • Total Games;
  • Winner;
  • Game Handicap;
  • 2nd Set Winner;
  • Will there be a tiebreak;
  • Odd/Even;
  • Race to 2 Points, and more. 

The site features competitive odds and quickly refreshes the coefficients, so you have better chances to react in time and succeed. 


Basketball is last but not least regular game on this list is basketball. On average, over 50+ matches are at your disposal. You can select from various leagues and championships: from FIBA and WNBA to NBL and CIBAPAC. Feel free to choose among standard and special bets, including 1st Quarter Handicap, Winner, 1×2, Total, Total Odd/Even, and more. 

GGBET Esports Betting Options

Registered bettors can access 9 esports titles, including CS:GO, Valorant, Dota 2, and others. As in the case of regular sports, you can try your hand at pre-match and live betting. Since GGBET supports a live broadcast option, you can watch your favorite team play and bet in one place. 

Competitive odds and dedicated esports bonuses are one of the main reasons why this section is popular among GGBET users. Check out the three most popular esports titles available on the site. 


This is the most popular first-person shooter game at any online bookmaker, and GGBET is not an exception. On average, the competitive mode includes 2 teams of 5 participants, the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. Within this game, GGBET users can take benefits of standard and prop bets

  • Map/Match Winner; 
  • First Kill;
  • Knife Round;
  • The Team to Win the First Round, and more.

Aming supported leagues, you can select among Ultras League, European Pro League, CCT, Intel Extreme Masters, and more.

Dota 2

It is a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) in which 2 teams of five heroes participate. Their task is to destroy the main object of the rivals under the name “Ancient”. Depending on your goals and experience, you can choose among the following bet markets:

  • The Total Number of Cards Played;
  • Match Winner;
  • Card Winner;
  • First Blood; 
  • The First Team to Destroy the Tower, and so on.

Among the popular leagues available on the site, it is worth noting Destiny League, Mad Dogs League, Lima Major, ESL Online Berlin MAjor, and more. 


This is another popular tactical first-person shooter that includes plenty of characters known as agents. Each of them has its own unique abilities necessary to achieve the goal. Each of the 2 teams consists of 5 people who must plant a bomb or counteract it. Among the varieties of supported bets, you can use the following

  • Map Winner;
  • Match Winner;
  • First Kill;
  • Round Winner;
  • The Total Number of Kills, and more. 

The site offers plenty of available leagues, including the Valoran Champions Tour, Pacific League, and more.

Final Words

GGBET is one of the most popular and reputable betting sites available online. Given the specialization in betting, it is unsurprising that he offers many domestic and international events. The range of regular and electronic sports here is also impressive.

Thanks to a well-designed bonus program, GGBET users can get the most out of every bet and significantly boost their chances of winnings. Finally, reliable customer support will never leave you alone with a problem and will help you resolve any issue quickly.

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