All The Way To Strengthen Your Character In Destiny 2

D2 will appeal to many shooter fans who want to play with other players and participate in the development of a plot that will unite all gamers to repel the threat of an alien invasion, around which the main storyline in Destiny 2 will be built.

You will choose your class and undergo training to fully immerse yourself in the study of the world and space and move on to the format of quests and grind, PVP and raids. You can do all these steps yourself, or order D2 carry services.

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You will accept and complete story-related quests and side quests that will help you gain additional experience and glimmers – the main currency in Destiny 2.

Usually these are long quests that will require you to kill certain monsters and send instructions and messages, for which you will receive experience, glimmers and even various weapons and equipment.

Secondary tasks are less generous, but there are many of them, and they can be combined in one location and if you choose them correctly, you can get a lot of equipment, weapons, resources, experience and glimmers.

Gradually, the storyline will lead you to counterattacks and access to space exploration and the discovery of new planets and completing tasks on them.

So in the Lightfall update you will be able to gain access to the planet Neptune and Saint 13, which is ready to give you new story tasks.

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You can get a stable boost in D2 if you go to the hunting zone and destroy monsters to gain experience and glimmers.

In Destiny 2, literally any class can hunt on their own, but if you organize small groups, you can achieve more stable results, even if all the experience and glimmers are shared among all participants.

Due to the speed of killing monsters, you can earn much more experience than if you hunted alone.

Gradually you will outgrow locations by level, and you will change hunting zones and discover new territories and planets.


Complete tasks related to the contract system to gain experience, but it is important to do it on time, otherwise the task will be updated, and the reward will not be received.

Usually these are tasks related to shooting and destroying certain monsters from different types of weapons.

If you manage to do everything on time, then you will receive experience, but if there is still time before updating the entire task, then you can update it for glimmers and complete it again and thus convert money into experience.


You can independently provide yourself with boosting in Destiny 2 by clearing strikes.

In general, this is a small raid format in which you need to play in a group of up to three players, but you can also go alone.

You need to go into the dungeon, destroy the guards and the boss and get equipment and weapons of appropriate quality.

Be careful and attentive, because this format is designed for a group and if you act rashly, you risk death.

First, destroy the entire retinue and switch all the damage to the boss, remembering to dodge and always increase the distance.

All rewards will help you strengthen your character and prepare for more difficult raids and tasks.


The raid format can no longer be completed alone, and you need at least a minimum playing staff. There are many guides on the Internet for clearing any dungeon with a reduced number of players – two or three, and this is the format that will allow you to receive more experience and rewards and not divide them among a large number of group members.

Raids come in three types of difficulty, and by completing one, you will unlock new levels of difficulty and constantly claim new rewards and types of weapons and equipment.

It’s best to aim for Mythic difficulty and try to get legendary equipment and weapons that will help you strengthen your character.


You can at any time turn to the professional Skycoach service for help, which can upgrade your hero to any desired level using legal and honest methods and thereby save you from routine and tedious quests.

You will need to transfer your account to the Skycoach booster in exchange for financial guarantees and obligations of anonymity. Upgrading in Destiny 2 will be performed exclusively by service employees, which means your data will not be shared with third parties.

You can simply wait for the order to be completed and go about your business until you receive a notification that the task is completed, and you can log into your account and check the result.

You can choose absolutely any range of levels with which you need help, and as bonuses you will receive all the equipment, weapons, ammunition and resources that the booster was able to obtain in the process of hunting and completing the order.

All you have to do is change your password, and you can immediately go to conquer the world of new updates.


If you constantly come across unstable groups, then you can order the service of completing a raid of any difficulty level.

To do this, you need to join a group of professional players who will enter the zone with you, kill you and deal critical damage to the boss. When the enemy has little health, you will be resurrected, and the whole team will scatter so that your character receives all the experience and drops on his own and does not share with other players.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the drop will be valuable, but something always drops from Mythic dungeons, and you will have a chance to take absolutely everything for yourself.

Moreover, you will also complete achievements that will give your hero passive bonuses thanks to the D2 Skycoach raidcarry service.

You can handle the strikes yourself, but Mythic raids are complex and require a large number of players to enter, and if at least one of them is bad at their duties, then the whole campaign can fail at any moment when the boss begins to rage, especially in the final stages of games.

Just trust the professionals and remember that the gain you receive in one raid will open up more opportunities for you in others.

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