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Dec 28, 2022
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The Lovecraft Locker APK is the latest in a line of anime-based high school games that lets you play as a tentacle god that haunts girls’ lockers.

This is a casual simulation developed by Hotpink Games; the game is free to play and allows you to upgrade your abilities by completing different quests that are given to you each day.

The game is available for both Android and iOS devices, but you can also play it on a PC using a third-party emulator such as BlueStacks.

The game is a lot like the other games in the series, but this time you’re playing as a tentacle monster that haunts girls’ lockers. The premise is similar to the other high school tentacle games.

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Lovecraft Locker APK For Android

Gameplay Of Lovecraft Locker APK

Lovecraft Locker is a game that lets you play as a tentacle god who lurks in a high school’s corridors and locker rooms, waiting for non-suspecting students to walk by.

Once you’ve spotted a student, you can tap the locker room to unleash your retractable tentacles and pull them into your locker.

You still have to be careful, though! If you’re sloppy with your attempts, the authorities will notice, and an alarm will be raised around the school for your mischievous activities.

If this happens, not only will you lose precious game points, which will halt your progression, but you will also get in trouble with the authorities.

Wrap victims in your tentacles and snag them without being spotted by other students while enjoying a casual simulation of tentacle wrapping.

This game is the perfect way to unwind after a long day of class. It’s a casual simulation of tentacle wrapping with realistic graphics, a fun soundtrack, and challenging gameplay.

How to play Lovecraft Locker MOD APK

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How to Play Lovecraft Locker on Android

  • You are a tentacle monster in one of the school lockers.
  • Try to catch up as many students as you can without being noticed
  • Every time you catch a student, your pink meter fills. The more students you grab, the faster it will fill
  • Once a locker is full, you can purchase another one.
  • When you begin playing Lovecraft Locker, you will have many lockers available for storage.
  • Do not let other students see you.
  • Don’t grab a student in front of classmates to avoid being reported.

Lovecraft Locker MOD APK

Features Of Play Lovecraft Locker MOD APK

Here are some of the features that have made Lovecraft Locker MOD APK one of the most popular anime-based casual games.

1. Ability to create your own story

The game gives you the freedom to create your own story. You can decide how many lockers will be available, how long it takes for students to report you, and what happens when a student sees you. You spend time with the girls at school so that you can invent stories about why you acted in a certain way.

2. 2D Anime-style Graphics

The game has 2D anime-style graphics that make it feel like you are playing a real anime. The characters’ facial expressions and movements are well-detailed, making the experience more immersive.

3. Multiple Endings and Choices

The game comes with multiple endings and choices. You can choose to be a good student and report students who are acting suspiciously, or you can be bad and steal items from lockers. The game offers several choices that will change the plotline depending on what you do.

4. Fluid Animation

The game has fluid animation that makes the characters’ movements look natural. The developers have really put a lot of effort into making the characters’ movements realistic, which makes it more immersive.

5. Free-to-play game

The game is free-to-play, so you don’t have to spend money on the game. You can play it for as long as you like without worrying about paying any money.

6. Simple Mechanics

You don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy this game. It has simple mechanics that can be played just by swiping. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck on certain levels because there are no complicated controls (so far).

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Download Good Pizza, Great Pizza MOD APK

If you are reading this, you surely want to know how to get Lovecraft Locker APK on your phone or tablet.

You can download the Lovecraft Locker APK from our website. The link is at the top of this page. You have to click on that link and be taken to a download page. Wait for the countdown at the bottom of the screen, and click “Download” when it turns red.

You will now be taken to another page with a button, “click here to start the download,” which will open an installation screen for your device. When you see this, it means your app is downloading.

Now that everything has been downloaded, go back to Settings on your device and make sure the “Install from unknown sources” option is turned on. This will allow you to install apps from websites like ours.

To do this, follow these steps Open Settings > Security > Unknown sources; tap OK on any pop-up message; once activated, press Back (or Home) > Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications; Scroll down until you see the app(s) you want to install.


In conclusion, Lovecraft Locker APK is a game that you should download if you’re an anime fan. It makes fun of anime tropes, which are always fun to explore, and keeps the player engaged and laughing. But remember one thing: don’t turn your lights off.

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