Top 4 Cyber Sports Events To Bet On In 2024

Cyber sports events offer a wide range of betting opportunities. They are available at GGBet and attract fans from many countries. There are many disciplines in the world of cyber sports, but some of the most popular ones. Each has its own peculiarities that you should consider before betting. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular options.


Top 4 best cyber sports disciplines

There are over a dozen different games on the sports betting market that hold tournaments and are available for betting. Among them, there are favorites with big prize pools and more options for bettors. Let’s take a look at the top 4 options within this article that could be interesting.

Dota 2: The International

Betting on the winners of a match or tournament in Dota 2 provides fans with an opportunity to evaluate the strategic and individual skills of the teams. As well as general betting on the outcome of a tournament, bookmakers also offer specific options that allow you to bet on individual player achievements.

This can include the number of kills, successful assists, items acquired and other parameters, which adds a level of variation and interest to the tournament.

Liga dos lendários

In the world of League of Legends betting, fans can make predictions not only on the outcome of matches and tournaments, but also on more detailed events within the game. Specific bets on first blood, first dragon slain and other in-game events provide additional opportunities for excitement.

This emphasizes the importance of tactical planning and team coordination within the League of Legends virtual arena, making each match even more exciting and predictable for bettors.

CS:GO 2.

In CS:GO 2, betting can be varied, including predictions of victory in rounds or maps. Round or card totals also offer bettors the opportunity to bet on the total number of rounds or points.

However, in addition to this, there are also special bets such as selecting the MVP of the match or the best shooter, which emphasizes the impact of individual performance in team disciplines, giving the game an even more strategic element.

Overwatch League

In the Overwatch League, bettors can bet not only on the winners of the tournament, but also on more specific aspects of the game. Specific bets can include predictions on the best player, the number of kills in a match, as well as point hold times and other game parameters.

These bets emphasize the importance of coordination and individual skills in team play, making Overwatch League betting exciting and varied.

Tips for choosing a cyber sports discipline

This choice can depend on various factors, and it is important to consider several aspects to increase the chances of successful predictions. Here are some tips:

  • Having a good knowledge of your chosen sport and the teams involved in the event is a key aspect;
  • Evaluate the current form of the teams and players;
  • Team changes, player injuries or other events can significantly affect the outcome of a match;
  • Determine your bankroll (available funds for betting) and follow a bankroll management strategy;
  • Use analytical resources and predictions from experts for more information;
  • Betting should be based on analysis and facts, not emotion.

Remember that betting on sports involves risk and there is no guarantee of successful predictions. Approach betting with moderation and responsibility.

Cybersports continues to grow rapidly, transforming from a niche to an influential and respected field among entertainment and sporting events. Not only is the general interest in cybersports growing every year, but also the number of available markets for sports betting. The increase in betting diversification includes not only predicting winners, but also specific events within games, individual player achievements, and various aspects outside of the game.

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