Top 5 eSports Betting Markets for Beginners in 2023

The modern eSports industry is quickly developing and actively competing in traditional sports. And it is not surprising, given greater entertainment, simpler organization, implementation of modern technologies, etc. It was estimated that by the end of 2023, the overall revenue in the esports betting market will reach US$2.1bn. 

And by the end of 2027, this figure will already be US$3.2bn. Reputable online bookmakers like offer dozens of games with their own peculiarities regarding bet markets. However, there are several common bet types you can start to explore if you are a newcomer. 


It is one of the simplest bet types any newcomer may start with. Here, you choose any match and predict the winner without any extra conditions. Given such conditions and that usually a couple of teams take part in the competition, these bets have a few possible outcomes. 

Here is an example of a money line bet for a Valorant match: SAW (+150) – Giants Gaming (-170). Here, Giants Gaming is a clear favorite, that is clearly seen from the payout rate. While this bet is a powerful solution when there is an obvious favorite and an underdog, everything changes when you bet on equal teams. 

In this case, you must go through studying extra statistics to make a correct prediction (recent contacts, latest performance, etc.)

Top Player

This wager has a lot in common with the previous one, but in this case, you bet on the particular team player who is going to show the best results. On the one hand, you have more options to choose from. For example, you may bet on the players with the most assists or place a wager on the tournament MVP. 

But on the other hand, it complicates the whole process since you must be aware of the performance of the particular player. For example, Suma1l from Team Secret is one of the best Mid Lane players, while Aspas is the top duelist in Valorant.

Most Kills

This bet type is more prevalent among MOBA games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, etc. This bet type is also a bit complicated compared to moneyline and requires you to understand the mechanics of a particular game. 

In this case, you bet on the team that will score the most kills by the end of the match. In the case of LoL or Dota 2, it is quite possible to win the match with lower kill scores compared to the opponent. 


In this case, bettors wager on a specific element of the game but not on the win or loss of a particular element. This bet type is universal for all eSports games. For example, you may try to guess whether the game will have Over 25.5 or Under 25.5 rounds (if it is a 26-round match). 

As for League of Legends, a popular bet within this category is Over 30.5 kills, or Under 30.5 kills will be scored by the end of the match. Even if you know both teams, this bet often requires you to be lucky since many aspects are difficult to consider (especially during a live match). 

Map Betting

This wager type is unique since it allows you to guess the result of literally every other round. All you need is to understand (at least a little bit) the peculiarities of competing teams. In this case, you may bet on several outcomes at a time that significantly expands your opportunities.

Let’s imagine a match between Sentinels and G2 Esports Valorant teams.

Map 1 – First to Five Kills:

  • Sentinels (2.05) – G2 Esports (1.70).

Map 1 – First to Ten Kills:

  • Sentinels (2.10) – G2 Esports (1.73).

Map 1 – First to Fifteen Kills:

  • Sentinels (2.00) – G2 Esports (1.60).

Based on this data, G2 Esports is a clear favorite that will barely lose its leadership. 

Thus, it makes sense to try a combination wager with better odds instead of a single bet.

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