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Watch your head in gladiator car fights! In this game you knock your friend in the head with a stunt driving cars to score. We guarantee crazy casual and ranked multiplayer motor sports fun with friends.
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Mar 24, 2023
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Download Drive Ahead MOD APK latest version for Android and enjoy creating monster trucks to test your car fighting skills against others.


Do normal racing games bore you? Are they too soft for you? Are you looking for games that are centered around cars but also have some fighting in them? Look no more! We present to you – Drive Ahead Mod Apk!

Generally, when we think of cars, we associate them with racing. After all, that’s how most car games are designed, right? But once in a while, some developers try to think of something new and deviate from the rest. The result? Some epically violent games!


What is Drive Ahead Mod APK

This Drive Ahead Mod Apk is a monster car fighting game that tests your fighting skills using cars! In this Drive Ahead Mod Apk, your goal is not only to cross the finish line. But also, crush your opponent using any means necessary!

Amazing Features of Drive Ahead Mod Apk

Car Fighting Madness

In this game, disregard everything you know about cars. There are no storylines and no quests – only mayhem! In this game, you fight with another brave warrior in a car in a match of gladiators. Thousands of crazy spectators watch as you two give it your all and wreak havoc on each other.


Two Modes

We have 2 modes for you to choose which are AI mode and the PvP Arena mode. For the AI mode, you need to fight against a difficult computer opponent. Even though they are not players in real life, they are just as tough. As you beat one AI, the next one will be harder.

But if you want to duke it out with real players worldwide, then the PvP Arena mode is for you. You’ll be fighting against a random online player in this mode. Or you can invite your friends to connect via wifi or Bluetooth to see who’s best.

Features of Drive Ahead

Here are the top features of Drive Ahead Mod Apk:

Easy controls – The control is as easy as touching the right and left sides of the screen to go in your desired direction. You just need to swipe upwards to make the car jump as you please. To win in this game, you need to drive your car towards the opponent and you will get 1 point for every successful one. To win the match you need to reach 5 stars.

2 Modes – In this game, there are 2 modes to choose from. The AI mode and the PVP mode. In the AI mode, you play against computer-generated cars. But they are equally as tough as player opponents in PVP. Can you handle the heat and come out on top?

Lots of cars to unlock – At the start of the game, you’re given a box to unlock a random vehicle. After being victorious in some matches, you’ll be rewarded with some money that you can use to unlock new cars. You can choose from a variety of cars from trucks, racing cars, and even a banana car. It’s your choice! Just make sure to choose wisely.

Fun Graphics – In Drive Ahead Mod Apk, it is wise to go this route as there are some aspects of this game that wouldn’t sit well when the graphics are ultra-realistic. But even if the graphics are in pixels, it still looks great with a bit of a modern touch! It doesn’t affect the gameplay at all, in fact, it magnifies it!


How to play Drive Ahead

It might be tempting to download this game and just play it recklessly. While that’s an option, it doesn’t hurt to know some tips here and there! So, with that said, here are some tips:

Reverse your car when in danger – When you see that your car is in danger of flipping over, try to go in reverse! This may save you from getting knocked out. Just make sure to don’t overdo this as you might end up going too far back!

Complete the missions – Aside from the game, there are missions for you to complete so you’ll receive bonus rewards. Try to complete the mission which is usually winning a certain amount of game using a particular vehicle. Try to do them as much as possible because they can yield great rewards!

Get the big cars – In this game, the bigger vehicle has a more obvious advantage! You can quickly crush your opponent with a bigger car. Try to select the Minibus or the Garbage Truck as they’re heavier and provide higher ground clearance. This will allow you to easily mow your opponents especially if they have a significantly smaller car!

Plat the slot machine – In this Drive Ahead Apk, there are slot machines that are available to increase your rewards. So you can unlock vehicles and levels by playing this. In the first couple of spins, you won’t have to bet anything higher than the minimum amount which allows you to always be the winner.

Pick the ramp – In this Drive Ahead Mod Apk, you can let the game randomly select the level for you but to increase your chances of winning you shouldn’t do this. Instead, pick the level called “Ramp”. This is because this level is a flat island with just one tiny bump at the center.


How to Download Drive Ahead Mod Apk

For downloading the latest version of Drive Ahead Mod Apk, please click on the download button which is provided in the article.

Once you click on it, your downloading will start automatically. After downloading, follow the instructions below for the installation process;

  1. Make sure that you allow unknown sources in Android settings is enabled.
  2. Locate the downloaded Apk file from the Android storage section.
  3. Once the installation completes, go to the Android menu and lunch t App.


This is a game that we’ve all thought of when we were kids. And now, it’s a reality, sort of. Quickly hit the download button to get this game and enjoy your driving.

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