Sprint Call Screener APK Download For Android and iOS

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Download Sprint Call Screener APK and have access to the best spam call protection for your phone.

It will help you to identify an unknown callers by name and get notified on robo callers, you can further block unwanted callers by number or use the advanced filter feature to automatically block all Spam calls.

You can also customize your own Spam list and get contextual details on Spam numbers.

Sprint call screener apk

Overview Of Sprint Call Screener APK

Sprint Call Screener is built with advanced technology issued by government to deliver identity information before, during, and after an incoming call.

Sprint call screener frequently analyze call events log of over 25 billion users per month, to provide the most accurate and up-to-date Spam protection.

If you want to use some advanced features of this app, then you are required to pay a certain amount every month. You will be charged $3/month for every phone number on your account.

Sprint Call Screener Plus brings a more feature-rich experience for the spam call blocking enthusiast.

It features the ability to display details caller ID info even if the caller isn’t in your contacts (same for text messages), report numbers as spam, keep a history of blocked/risky numbers, and more.

Features Of Sprint Call Screener APK Plus

Sprint Call Screener Plus provides these additional benefits:

  • Displays caller’s name, city and state, even those not listed in contacts.
  • Shows texter’s name, even when they are not in contacts.
  • Identifies, blocks, and reports additional calls that are lower-risk, but still a nuisance.
  • Categorizes incoming calls as spam, robo calls or fraud calls.
  • Reports an individual phone number as spam.
  • Keeps history of blocked and risky numbers.

The sprint.com spinner app is available across different operating system such as Android and iOS.

When you download the app will be given a 15 days free trial of the sprint call screener Plus. At the end of the free trial user will be enrolled in the basic program if they don’t want the $3 Plus monthly subscription.

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