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Track View is an easy to use mobile app that connects you to the BrickHouse Security GPS Platform( and enables its subscribers to view locations collected by their GPS tracking device. All device configuration alerts and geofences are configured within the online protal.
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January 17, 2022
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Download Track View apk pro mod to monitor the locations of individual devices that are being tracked by your GPS. It’s a useful tool you can use not only in businesses, but also for personal use.

With the increase in technology and rising security challenges, you should get the Track View APK download for Android. With unmatched accuracy, this app will allow you to find items that are lost or track people. With so many GPS apps on Google Play Store, there’s always something out there to meet your needs!

Track View APK

What is Track View APK?

Track View APK is a secure app that can be installed on any Android device with GPS and WiFi enabled. It will allow parents to track their children’s location in real time, as well as send them text messages and call them when needed. The app will also allow parents to set up safety zones for their children, so they know where they should be and when they should be there.

Track View APK Pro is an app that allows you to conveniently connect to BrickHouse Security GPS Platform. It helps you track your movements and guarantee a boost in security, but is also very easy-to-use.

With the Track View APK, parents can also keep tabs on their children’s social media activity and see what apps they have installed, among other things.

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How To use Track View App

It’s easy to track your recent trips & get a good sense of your surroundings with the app. You have peace of mind knowing that you are protected in case of an emergency.

You can use Track View to keep an eye on your kids at all times so they don’t get lost or out of hand. It’s the perfect tracking app for you and your child or employee.

The App transforms your Android phone into an IP camera complete with event detection, GPS locator, and record functionality. It can automatically record the routes you take so you know about all your movements.

With GPS tracking capabilities and easy to use features, the app itself is a breeze to use. Once you’ve started your trial run, you won’t have any issues with setup or adjusting it in order to make best use of the app’s features.

This is a must-have app for anyone interested in improving the security of their device, monitoring social or family activity, or tracking what they own. It not only matches different versions of Android but also assists with keeping everything organized.

Track View App

Features of Track View APK

  • Remote Audio and Video Recording. This application enables you to monitor your home and family remotely. It also allows you to take and share pictures & videos in case of emergency.

  • Remote Live Streaming of Video and Audio. This software is an excellent way to keep tabs on what’s happening in your home. With this app, you can access live feeds from your IP cameras or other devices working on the same WiFi network or data connection.

  • Remote Control. Some people have a need for technology that’s easier to use than a GPS tracking app

  • Enhanced Anti-theft System. Your device’s location can be remotely monitored via computer or mobile, and you can remotely sound an alarm, take pictures and delete sensitive data from your device. All in all it’s a good security tool for those days when you just want to keep tabs on it.

  • Night Vision Mode. The AI night vision feature for your IP camera is a valuable tool that can help you with many different related tasks. The video quality will not be affected by poor lighting conditions, and you’ll be able to take clearer pictures at night time.

  • PIR Motion Sensor. This feature can record movement, such as your child’s or your own. It will spit out anything suspicious and upload it to a cloud account. This is ideal for parents who want to know where their kids are while they’re at school, or those who work in security.

  • It Supports Multiple Networks. This app works on many different mobile networks, so you’ll always find a connection when you need it.

Two-Way Audio Communication

There’s no denying the convenience. Track View lets you keep in touch with your loved ones, especially when they are away. You can contact them with a video chat or use their speaker and microphone functions to speak from afar.

Cloud storage solutions allow you to store information like documents, messages, and recordings in case of computer crashes or hardware failure. This makes it convenient for you to access your data when required. You can also configure two-way communication on your devices to make the most of iMessage integration.

Integrate the App with Your Gmail Account.

You can connect your Gmail account with Track View Premium Version to give you more security. It’s all stored in Google Cloud for further analysis.

And you will be able to restrict access and only allow specific Gmail accounts that have been authorized by you be given access to your data, so that only the people who need the information can take advantage of it.

Track View APK

Real-Time Updates and Instant Alerts

Track View for Android allows you to track loved ones and see their real-time location with instant alerts. The app also detects motion, audio, video recording, SIM change and other activities.

Upgrade for More Features!

Want to know what features are available on different Track View mobile apps? With the premium license, you’re able to access features like geo-fencing, multiple users, and location history.

We also offer device-specific upgrades like Family Accounts, Tablet Apps, and eBooks. You can also have multiple devices connected to one app by upgrading to our premium service.

Track View APK MOD

If you want to enjoy all premium features without spending a coin, you can download the Track View MOD APK for free. This app has an excellent user interface and allows you to use it on multiple devices!

Track View has been updated with an emergency alert feature. All you have to do is enable the option under “safety” and send your location & specific requests to friends & family members.


If you want to monitor your activities, check out the Track View app download now. This application comes with many features including cloud backup recordings, two-way audio communication, and instant alerts. You will get information about your movements as well as access to alerts that are sent automatically when you move too much or stop moving altogether

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