Real Madrid Dream League Soccer 2023 Kit

Dream League Soccer kits are one of the fascinating aspects of playing this game, and if you are a Real Madrid fan, the 2023 kit should be the first thing that comes to mind.

All you need to download your favorite DLS kit and logos are available with just one click. Real Madrid has some of the best kit designs on DLS. Their famous all-white color is simple yet attractive, but they are still more to grab with their 2023 kit. The stripes come slightly different from the previous one and still look even better.

In addition, the away and thirds kits are unique and bring a beautiful appearance to your Dream League Soccer team. Barcelona Dream League Soccer’s official logo is also available and customizable for users.

Real Madrid Dream League Soccer 2023 Kit

About Barcelona Dream League Soccer Kit 2023

Real Madrid is the most successful club in the Spanish top-flight league. The La Liga giants are also one of the most popular clubs in the world, with millions of its fan base across the world. This club is also one of the biggest clubs in the world in terms of finances, titles, and prestige. Real Madrid, also known as Los Blancos, plays under the famous Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, which has a capacity of over 90,000.

The club boasts of former players and legends of the game, including Raul Gonzalez, Santiago Bernabeu, Fabio Cannavaro, Iker Casillas, Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, Gareth Bale, and a lot more.

Real Madrid also has some fantastic talents plying their trade with the La Liga giants. Toni Kross, Luca Modric, Karim Benzema, Antonio Rudiger, Dani Carvajal, and Vinicius.

They have won 35 La Liga titles, more than other clubs in the Spanish top division. This club also won 14 Champions League titles (the most of any club in Europe). Real Madrid is currently the defending Champions of their domestic La Liga title and UEFA Champions League.

 1. Real Madrid Dream League Soccer Home Kit 2023

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Dream League Soccer DLS 512×512 Real Madrid Home Kits 300x300 1

Real Madrid is popular with its ‘Los Blancos’ nickname; this translates to ‘the whites’ in English and hence their home kit color.

This famous white kit is the club’s first jersey for their home games, and it comes with an amazing design on Dream League Soccer.

It carries the club’s sponsors ‘Emirates, Fly Better’ text on it, as Emirates is the main sponsor of Real Madrid. Addidas badge is also crested on the kit as it is their official design partner, so the three stripes on the kits should not come as a surprise. Users can download and customize all images in Png format with just a link.

2. Real Madrid Dream League Soccer Away Kit 2023

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Dream League Soccer DLS 512×512 Real Madrid Away Kits 300x300 1

The away kits for Real Madrid Dream League Soccer 2023 are equally amazing as Addidas did the design justice. It brings back the memory of their purple kits in 2017, which were donned in their Champions League Final triumph. This purple jersey is now back for Real Madrid fans in the 2023 Dream League Soccer collections but has a lighter tone than the previous one.

However, it still calls for a fantastic appearance in addition to the custom feature that ensures the users can make it better. Dream League Soccer has this kit available in their 2022-2023 jersey wardrobe.

3. Real Madrid Dream League Soccer Third Kit 2023

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Dream League Soccer DLS 512×512 Real Madrid Third Kits 300x300 1

The third Dream League Soccer Kit 2023 for Real Madrid FC is another jersey with a great design and beautiful pattern. Although it does not have a sparkling color and is only all-black, the Adidas lemon green stripes on the top and shorts make it a perfect fit and add that missing spark.

Like the away kit, this jersey is an extra used for their away games. You should try to explore the patterns and design on this one, as it is easy to make a custom jersey even with this color.

4. Real Madrid Dream League Soccer Goalkeeper Kit 2023 (Home)

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Dream League Soccer DLS 512×512 Real Madrid GoalKeeper Home Kits 300x300 1

Goalies in Dream League Soccer have unique jerseys, and Real Madrid has two amazing kits; home and away. A Real Madrid goalie uses this home kit for their home games, and it is made in a beautiful sky-blue color. The kit also has a web-like pattern around it.

The amazing thing about this is that you can add a custom design to any jersey, including this one. So, get a taste of what you cooked with the customization feature.

5. Real Madrid Dream League Soccer Goalkeeper Kit 2023 (Away)

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Dream League Soccer DLS 512×512 Real Madrid GoalKeeper Away Kits 300x300 1

Just when you think the amazing design for Real Madrid’s goalies is done, Dream League Soccer hits you with the away kit, which is equally fantastic as the first. This jersey is a bright, sparkling orange color kit that looks appealing to the eyes, and we are sure most fans would like the designs.

For most Real Madrid kits, including this one, it is not just the single color choices that make it stand out but also the choice of colors for the stripes. This orange away kit for Goalies carries a matching black stripe that makes it simple yet attractive.

All of these are available for users in the Real Madrid Dream League Soccer kit 2023 collections.

6. Real Madrid Dream League Soccer Logo

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Real Madrid Logo PNG DLS 300x300 1

The Real Madrid Logo is another entity you can get from Dream League Soccer. It has an identical design and patterns to the club’s official logo. But with this one on DLS, you can customize it by adding colors and other features.

This club symbolizes royalty and is situated in Spain’s capital. This strong history and prestige are also indicated in the club’s logo. The logo carries a crown on its emblem after King Alfonso XIII bestowed the club a royal title in 1920. Hence the name ‘Real’ means Royal when translated into English.  Over its 120-year existence, Real Madrid has earned its place among the elite clubs and is seen as arguably the most successful club in history.

Wrapping Up

Real Madrid 2023 kits for DLS are one of the best you could have. Easy customization, simple designs, kit variations, and patterns. Everything that comes with the Real Madrid Dream League Soccer kit 2023 makes it easy to make the right choice.

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